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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Anders, I don't know if your fuel delivery is right or not but I would NOT use a filter level as a gauge.

Carbs use very low fuel pressure and they regulate their reservoir level with a float. THAT's the real gauge. I would suggest, if you floor your gas on a fast road for a good amount of time and it never runs out of gas, the fuel pump and filter are probably ok. Try this climbing a mountain, too.

Do not discount your distributor timing. There are springs in the centrifugal advance that 'take over' from your vacuum advance, back and forth with the gas pedal. Make sure your vacuum advance unit is working and connected to the proper inlet port. Many vacuum units have a hex key adjustment screw inside the inlet port. They are notorious for failing after many years. This is covered in your Shop Manual, and it really doesn't matter which FE engine you are running. - Dave
Thankīs Dave. No, there is no problem accelerating up to 70 mph ( donīt dare to go much faster with this old babe ) or in uphill. My only small problem, because we are into real finetuning, is a little reaction, like a delay ( goes lean ) for a millisec when I am going cruice for some time and then just hammer the throttle. My friend also mensioned some springs or parts for the distributor. I have MSD Ignition. Do you know what springs could help?
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