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Hey, y'know I can be pretty dense at times, too. My first dog (named China) came from Marsh Rd and Meisner Rd's in East China Twp. It's a little more than 45-miles from Royal Oak, and VERY CLOSE to Port Huron (Hometown of Thomas Edison).

My sons played football in the East China stadium when they played Marine City, MI. The stadium is gorgeous, and shared by three high schools. As you may guess, the whole area is rural and perfect for raising kids. Sarnia, Ontario, Canada is just across the Blue Wate Bridge (only 20 miles from East China Township).

We normally don't refer to the area as "China." That's what threw me. East China Township is 6,637 miles (10,681 km) from Beijing (in the REAL China). HA!.. I don't think I have ever seen an Asian in East China Twp.

After looking closely at the map, I notice there is a China Twp and an EAST China Twp., but they both share the same zip code. Now I'm really confused.

Guys, I would bop over there and buy the Thunderbird but I need that money to restore my current projects. If I got another car, Robin would string me up. I do appreciate your concern and advice. Actually, I'd love to have a Squarebird, someday. - Dave
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