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John, I believe the first pothole shock will increase weight by a factor of four, but only for an instant. Of course, this depends on the depth of the pothole and the speed of the car. But certainly, we have made wheels for over 100 years. The worst disaster bends rims but I've never seen one break, even after ten years of service!

Today's thinking departs from using heavy mild steel, which scares me. Bone yards typically have loads of cast aluminum alloy but very few steel wheels. So, you're right about questioning the load limit of aftermarket wheels.

I have a call into Vintiques right now. They just had a power failure in City of Industry, CA, so I'm waiting for a call-back from Arthur. - Dave

EDIT: Arthur finally called me back. He said the smoothies have a weight limit of 1,000-lbs. That's not enough for me. Higher priced wheels like the Mustang/Cougar and Magnum wheels are rated at 1,500-lbs. Much better. I have to believe that alloy wheels have even greater load limits but I haven't checked.

Based on the evidence I gathered today, it's no wonder a Squarebird trashed wheels because the market hasn't seen cars of our weight class in many years. - Dave
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