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Originally Posted by OX1 View Post
I was fine with it the way it was, apparently raked higher
by at least an inch or two in the rear, but I am certainly
not going to put those hokey spring helpers back in
the front, so I need a spring at least as tall as the
one I had with the helpers.

Was there ever a diagram like this for SB's?

Anyway, I only counted my leaves after I read this thread
below. My springs look original after seeing corrosion on
leaves and bushing condition. But from what you are telling
me, I cannot get the same spring I have now. So if I
replace (if/ever), odds are the rear will be lower.

"Rear: 59-60

It looks like 7" to 7.5" from the Center of Hub Cap to top of
skirt should be close to the original rear measurement
with 6 leaf springs (standard equipment).

Optional factory heavy duty rear suspension with 7 leaf
springs should be about 8" to 8.5"

Post # 38

BTW, do you guys normally count the very short leaf
(maybe foot long max) @ bottom of pack?
You don't want 7 leaves, trust me, it'll ride like a pickup truck unloaded.
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