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I was fine with it the way it was, apparently raked higher
by at least an inch or two in the rear, but I am certainly
not going to put those hokey spring helpers back in
the front, so I need a spring at least as tall as the
one I had with the helpers.

Was there ever a diagram like this for SB's?

Anyway, I only counted my leaves after I read this thread
below. My springs look original after seeing corrosion on
leaves and bushing condition. But from what you are telling
me, I cannot get the same spring I have now. So if I
replace (if/ever), odds are the rear will be lower.

"Rear: 59-60

It looks like 7" to 7.5" from the Center of Hub Cap to top of
skirt should be close to the original rear measurement
with 6 leaf springs (standard equipment).

Optional factory heavy duty rear suspension with 7 leaf
springs should be about 8" to 8.5"

Post # 38

BTW, do you guys normally count the very short leaf
(maybe foot long max) @ bottom of pack?

Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
Henry, it all depends on what YOU want. Most Squarebird aftermarket rear springs have 5 leafs. Some vendors sell sets with 6 leafs. I have never heard of seven. Pardon me for saying but, the ride must be stiff as a truck.

We have plenty of pictures showing 'stance' of the Thunderbirds as they left the factory. We also have measurements. How you prefer your car to be, is personal choice.

BTW, I know measurements are commonly done from the center of the wheel to the bottom lip. With new tire and wheel profiles, it's my belief that measuring from the GROUND to the lip is a more accurate method. - Dave
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