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Originally Posted by Alan H. Tast, AIA View Post
Who else caught the customized '60 'Bird on Spike TV's "PowerBlock" this morning? Overall looked very nice until they showed it had a LT-1 Chebby engine . I was sitting in my Ford dealer's waiting room when they showed that and I came unhinged!
No, I missed the show, but I wanted to see how the car ran sporting the LS1 motor. Did they discuss much how they installed the motor? What transmission was it running?

I used to have a Camaro with the LS1, what a great motor. That motor would out run even the built 455 in our olds and get 30MPG on the freeway on regular fuel compare to the olds and it's 6 mpg on supreme. I think it's not a very attractive motor but it sure performs.

The car was sure a beauty, just seeing photos of it gets me wanting to get our 58 back on the road.
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