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Cars running and for the first time has no exhaust leaks. Thanks Dave, turned out my intake manifold gaskets didn't have the cutout for the bypass so added a small exact fit piece of thin sheet metal to the back attached with copper silicone, worked slick! I ended up having a shop locally do the final attachment of the down pipes to the manifold. Since the wrong year manifold was on there the pipes didn't line up correctly, I tried cutting and sleeving the pipes to rotate them but there was a ton of stress and neither side sealed properly, now they're perfect and it was under 200.00 so..

Next up, re and re the trans pan and clean the screen and replace the seeping gasket. I'm going to see if I can do the seal around the shifting shaft while I'm there and adjust the bands. Question on that. It says in the manual to use a block to separate something before I do the adjustment. Anyone done it before? I imagine once I'm under it I'll figure it out but going in if someone can tell me what size block to use would be helpful!

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