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So, finally got it done. Heads off, looked good, did the valve stem oil seals because they were easy, quickly found the flaw in Ford's head design on the FE, all the top bolts broke with the exception of 2, bottom came out easily. left enough to get them out with a vise grip and heat. Drilled out the back portion and ground them to fit a nut and washer. Got all SS grade 8 bolts and nuts. Did find some weird stuff, each side had up to 3 gaskets shoehorned in, the manifolds I guess were loosened and then gaskets shoved down...I wonder why it leaked? Made more sense why the rear side gaskets shot out the back of the manifold since they were in pieces. Also the drivers side manifold was off a 61 or newer, had the donut gasket smashed in, there was an allowance for it on the manifold side but the flange and plate were still flat and stock!!! Lucky I had the spare sitting there. BUT that added a new wrinkle when putting it back together since the pipe was cut and welded to allow for the new flange angle on the newer manifold. I'll take some pictures since I painted the block and manifolds and inside the engine compartment. The PO must have sprayed some solvent based product in there at some point because there were spots everywhere from the caustic stuff. Looks new now, did the underside of the hood too.

While I was under there I pulled the oil pan off since the goofs at my local oil change joint stripped the drain bolt, I had the spare so I got a bolt welded on the outside to match the proper drain bolt. It won't ever be stripped again. Painted it and installed it with new SS bolts. Fixed the seepage so.. Got shiny chrome valve covers with breathers in anticipation of eventually getting an aluminum Intake manifold. That cast one is a pig to re and re!!!
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