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Originally Posted by simplyconnected View Post
That may be, Anders. But how much do your cars weigh? Squarebirds had different options, but not enough to change spring sizes. The margin of error in a heavy car is a small percentage compared to the margin of error in a light car.

Here we are talking about sixty year old springs that should be changed long ago. If you ever get new springs, not only will you notice a difference in stance but in ride. Old springs sag, they get brittle and sometimes they break.

I can tell a big difference in engine performance when I change valve springs. New ones are far more flexible and they only cost about thirty cents each.

As a teen age kid, I used to play around the rail road tracks. Every so often I could find a piece of coil spring from one of the cars. These were heavy duty, but they still got brittle and broke. - Dave
I dont think there is much of a difference in todays cars and my T-Bird. In the 70s they was light, but with all electronics, crash zones and god knows what, todays cars are pretty heavy. No, Im not talking about a Toyota Yaris or a VW Up... A Volvo V70 are 2200 kg with oil and fuel. I think my T-bird is pretty much the same. Or? I does have an extra set of springs to Ruth, but they are exactly on the spot the same height as my old.
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