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Jon -- since you didn't get your wish for Thursday, I'll tell you about my similar wish.

The first year that I had my T-Bird, my one great idea was to take my wife, and two girls to the Sonic Burger and Shake about 5 miles up the road on a Friday night.

At 9 PM, we drove up and had a great 5 mile cruise, and of course Burgers, and Shakes -- and many nice comments about the car.

We left at almost 10 PM, got 1 block down the road, and the car died in the left lane -- NO LIGHTS -- completely dead. A black car, stuck at night in the left turn lane. I called 911, they sent a cop, he parked behind me with his cop lights on so no one would hit me from the rear -- one really nice cop.

We called for a flat bed wrecker, and towed her home ($65). The cop gave my wife and girls a ride home in the back of the cop car -- which I think they liked much better than the T-Bird (I don't blame them).

My kids still go out with me for Burgers and Ice Cream, but my wife still doesn't trust it. She says that it doesn't like her. Could be a "Christine" thing.

The problem was a corroded battery ground cable. Solution-- change ALL of the cables and new battery too.
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