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Default casting #'s

Hi all, I finally have my bird at my mom's house. I didn't have a lot of time and the weather wasn't co-operating. Ok here's what I found. There is webbing on both sides of engine and the block has 4 holes for a 4 bolt motor mt.. The date by oil filter has a w with 1 flat screw head on each side, under is date code hard to make out first# looks like 8M13 the 8 could be a 3 or 5 couldn't tell. Left side of block has 55-DIF. up front l/side is a 6 and below is 352. On the r/side front of engine is LMP below that is 111848 then below that is 4005 or S. Oil drain plug is drivers side towards the rear just short of corner. Freeze out plugs measured 1&1/2" that's all I could find on engine. Now tranny case measured around 11" on case. Pan was close to 10x12" with a little bump left side of center in rear. #'s off tranny 9M 7006 dif 5 3M13 other # I might have backwards 9ME 7006 A the dip stick goes into pan on center of passenger side with a large nut holding in tube. Cast bell and cast case aluminum tail shaft. That's all I could get this trip thanks in advance for any help. Tommy"PS. just noticed that date code on tranny and engine if the 8 is a 3 are the same. Don't know if that helps i'm losing it. LOl"
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