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Originally Posted by yellow98cobra View Post
...Question, are these results correct? ( Did I do it right)...On my ignition I cannot turn the key to the left or ACC, key will only move to the right from the OFF position it goes to On and START
Eric, you did well.

I'm with John regarding your Key Switch. It should normally turn to the right AND left. If you have the switch in your hand, notice a small metal button at the base of the tumbler. It's brass in color, inset in an oval hole (located nearly at the base of the large spring).

***Put your key all the way in, turn to the RIGHT (ignition posiion), poke that brass button down with a thin key , then pull straight out. The tumbler will easily come straight out.

To re-insert, put the key in the tumbler. Notce the brass button will only depress in one position. With the button down, slide the assembly in and line-up the brass button with the hole then turn to the left. The brass button will pop up and into position.

Key Switches are normally sold without the key and tumbler. You can find them WITH the key and tumbler if you need them (for about ten bucks more). - Dave
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