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Default wiring at the generator

I put everything back together and it's not charging. I think my problem doesen't have anything to do with the generator. I think I have had my generator wired wrong. Question, The yellow wire, red wire and black /white wire. These all go to the generator. Where do they go? I have been using the yellow wire as a ground wire, it's connected to the back of the generator...right? Red wire is "arm" black/white is "field"

Today I was told that the yellow is the "arm" the red is ground and the Black/white wire is "field" if this is true I have had my charging system wired wrong for some time now. Since I drive my car once a month and never at night this could be my problem.

Please advize What is the correct wiring for my T-Bird. Nothing is burned or sparking I guess it just dosen't chrarge.
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