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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
Hi Dave, I have not heard anything further regarding that problem. I will have to see what I can find out. I just talked with Rod Wake, VTCI President about this. With the passing of Bill Ford, I do not know, nor does he, if his contact was able to get anything done on this problem before Bill passed away. Rod said he will contact him again and see if there is anyone else his friend can talk to at FOMOCO. Rod did say that he has heard that there are now companies who are re-manufacturing these units and he gave me a couple of names to contact. One of them is Alan Tast. Alan, if you read this, can you provide me with the names of any companies who are now re-manufacturing these units?
If you're referring to the Electronic Control Module (ECM), the only company I'm aware of that may be offering refurbished units would be Cardone out of Pennsylvania, which is mentioned in the correspondence from Ray Spreen of Houston. Rod was probably thinking of me because of the article generated from Ray's and your previous comments on the topic which was placed in a recent issue of Thunderbird Scoop magazine.

As for the coil packs, I recall hearing about this issue at a couple of VTCI conventions I've been to over the past few years, but haven't gotten any direct questions or a "how-to" write-up on diagnosing/replacing them. Now I'm more convinced than ever that I'll hold off putting more electronics in my hobby cars other than a stereo and a solid-state ignition system.
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