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Default Retrobird Coil Problems

At our local Tbird club meeting yesterday, one of our new members told us of a problem that he had been having with his 2005 Retrobird's engine missing.

He ran an engine analyzer that he owns on his engine. That test allowed him to analyze his problem and it gave him a PCO 03 01 error code that told him he had a defective #1 coil. The PCO 03 code told him he had a Coil problem, and the 01 told him it was with the 01 Coil. He swapped it with the #3 coil, and the problem cleared up on the #1 coil but was now in evidence on the #3 coil. He brought up this website: and then went to the Retrobird section, the link to which is:

(if you do not know about this website, you need to bookmark it because it has great information for Retrobird owners on it).

From there he went through the Problems Page and looked at the problems that many of the Retrobird owners have experienced.

Here he found information on various problems that Retrobird owners have experienced since these Tbirds were produced. One of them was the Coil-On-Plug ignition coils problem that he was experiencing.

Here is a copy of the letter that went out to 2003 Retrobird owners. The Customer Satisfaction Warranty Numbers are listed in this letter that covers this. It is my understanding that this has now been extended to 2004 & 2005 Retrobirds, as of May 20, 2008, but NOT 2002. Basically, Mike found out that Ford now covers the replacement of these Coil-On-Plugs under their 10 year or 100,000 mile warranty program, which will soon be running out, as the 10 year time is nearly out for owners of the 2005 Retrobird. It might have already run out for the 2003-2004 Retrobird owners. Something you need to check out with your Ford Dealership to see what they say.

So he contacted his local Ford dealership and took it in for service, after doing some additional research on the website above.

If you are experiencing engine missing, or rough engine problems, it might be your coils. His suggestion is that it might be a good idea to have your coils checked and replaced, if they have any problems, before the warranty runs out. He told me that he had to educate the dealership regarding the warranty on these coils, because, apparently, they did not know this warranty existed.. He also said that they changed all 8 coils and his spark plugs and it was all covered under the warranty.. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to you and save you the cost to get any problems like this fixed before the warranty runs out. There are other problems listed on the website above that might effect your Retrobird you might want to check out also.

I just found out that, IF your warranty has run out, these coils are available on Amazon for a set of 8 for less than $100. Apparently, you can replace them yourself if you have to.

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