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Default PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation)

Since PCV is under the 4 letter minimum search criteria and I doubt anybody is going to take the time to type out positive crankcase ventilation.........

This is on a 352 FE with the original 4100 Carb. The car originally did not have PCV but I am adding it because I changed the engine in my car and this new one doesn't have a road draft tube. I'm also using some new chrome valve covers (bling!).

To obtain the PCV vacuum I decided to use a carbuerator spacer with PCV like this one (as long as the ebay link holds up) - C8SZ-9A589-B. Seems to work great.

After installing the PCV plate under the carb I have 20 inches of vac at the valve cover using an old Nissan PCV valve I had laying around.

Questions are - is this a good reading at the valve cover (high idle - choke on - about 1000 rpm) and what PCV valve should I use?

Looking for a right angle valve with 1/2 inch output (same size as the PCV plate input) and 1 1/4 push in for the valve cover grommet. I can find one easily by just using a Mustang, Torino, etc as refrence but wondering if this is too much vacuum and if there is one needed that regulates the vac by the size of the orifice.

Any help, suggestions, ideas or laughter is appreciated - .


(PCV will replace the existing valve cover vent)
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