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This info ony pertains to 58/59 birds. I need to spend additional time reviewing info for 60 birds.

The rear of the front seats is covered with a panle. This panel is a fiberboard material that is covered wint a off white vinyl that is heat molded with ribs that about 1 inch apart. Measurement is a guess but will fill in the number tommorrow. This pertains to all vinyl/vinyl and vinyl/cloth interiors. The reproduction materials being supplied are not a match to the original material in any form as of a couple years ago. When my 58 was done we used the old panels after they were cleaned up.
Do not thro out your old seat back panels.

Leather was not available until 1959 and 1960. In this case the entire interior was all the same color and the seat back panels matched the interior color. Note this only applies to leather interiors.

I am attaching a pic of the back panel from a 7000 mile 59 bird.I will have to have Ray add the pic as it is too big.

I will get a pick of the off white panel tommorrow and get it posted.

Good Luck
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