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Originally Posted by RVPilt View Post
Thanks Ray ...
I sold my 1957 Senior TBird 2 years ago, and am beginning to look for "next" ... 59-60 Squarebird convertible ... Thanks.
Yes, the car is still available. My apologies for being lax on the Forum recently. Thanks also, to Ray for jerking my chain about it!

One day early last month, I got the car out and found the carburetor power valve had ruptured. Consequently I had to get a carb kit, a power valve and the secondary diaphragm to rebuild it.

I can be reached at the listed email address or cell number. I can't always answer the phone immediately, but a message can be left and I can return the call asap.

Email, "stevejag at sbcglobal dot net", or phone, 317-727-8722

Thank you!
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