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Originally Posted by oldcar39 View Post
Thanks very much Ian. I'll check it out. Possibly you could help me with the main problem with the brakes. The brake pedal goes all the way to the floor (although there is just a little braking force). I first thought it might be the power booster, because I see from reading the forum that's a pretty common problem. However, I've always thought even if the booster is bad, you should still have some pedal, and that if apply the brakes, start the car, and the pedal goes to the floor, then the power booster is bad. Is this correct?

Possibly, there's just a leak somewhere and it has air in the system. Am I headed in the right direction?

Thanks again for your help... much appreciated.
If without the engine running with you pumping on the brake pedal you should be able to hold a consistant pressure on the pedal without it going down . If at this point the pedal slowly recedes then I would say the problem lies in your other components ( lines,wheel cylinders ,master cylinder or posible air in the lines (bleed lines or possibly all new fluid) . If not then I would definitly lean towards the power booster .The power booster only comes in play with the engine running to increase pressure to the wheel cylinders for more effective braking power. This of coarse is my personal opinion maybe have the booster checked at a rebuild shop first they are not a cheap item to replace . Hope I helped you Ian .
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