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Originally Posted by barrysmith View Post
what is so bad about the FT 391 motor ?

I am confused

If the block is the same exept for some internals,water pump and timing chain housing, why cant the heads, intake and ehuast manifold be swaped out with the 352 parts?

The only thing I am using is the lower end.


Because the crank is different you can't use your timing cover and can't use your pulleys brackets and accessories. None of it will fit. You did mention it supposedly has a 428 crank and if that is true then you could use the shortblock and install a distributor bushing and make it work but if it still has 391 internals you will want a different cam and pistons as well. Based on all of this it certainly does not make for a cost effective swap. You might as well just get a stock or midly built 390 engine from a rebuilder and call it good for what you would spend converting and FT to use in a car. Hawkrod
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