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Robert, I first ran into 'Sparky' on eBay, looking for a R&P setup for my '59 Galaxie. He had that, and another for my '55 Customline. After winning the setup for the Galaxie, I contacted him personally, and we made arrangements to buy both sets. How much? I really don't remember because it was a 'package' deal. Seemed reasonable at the time. After installation I was convinced, this deal was more like a steal for me.

Here's John's card:

Every time I call Sparky, he is always there. He is a Machinist who works out of his garage. He fabricates existing 'production' rack gears and adapts brackets that bolt to our frame using existing holes. He fabricates tie rods (with hiem joints) and sells the package as a 'bolt-on' system. I used a pump from a 1990 Mustang which produces 850-1,150 psi. The high pressure hose uses standard Rack & Pinion 'AN' flare fittings. The low pressure return hose has an 'AN' flare at the rack gear, and a 'push-on with a hose clamp' connection at the pump. You also connect your steering wheel shaft to a (included) standard "DD" steering u-joint and bolt them through Sparky's fabricated frame bracket. NO WELDING REQ'D.

I didn't do a web site for my R&P because I had no idea it would be so popular. My rack gear is from a 1982-92 Cavalier, readily available at any auto parts store. The tie rod ends are standard 1957-'59 Ford.

I know Sparky did a lot of work for the 1955-57 Thunderbirds because they shared the same frame as full size Fords. I'm not sure about his fabrication for Squarebirds. I suggest you call him. He is easy to speak with, he does good work, and his prices are very fair. Believe me, if I wasn't 100% satisfied, I wouldn't offer all this good info to our membership.

Robert, I hope this answers you questions and helps you with your rack and pinion retrofit. - Dave Dare
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