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Default RE: Evaporator Housing Identification

All the covers have a deflector attached. It's just the one in the cover of my 59 was mounted 180 degrees from the other two covers and it also doesn't have the notch. Weird. I think I'm going to put the best cover I have on the car notch or not. I have a new evaporator and a 134A expansion valve. Here in California R12 is not the freon of choice. $$$.$$ /can NOS IF you can get it or someone to fill it which if I recall is a federal crime if you use R12.

I'm not sure if that EPA law applies to antique cars being restored to original specifications though. Ordering someone to modify a classic to meet EPA standards... well why stop with the freon. Why not order all antique cars that are being restored to have seat belts too and meet the new emissions (just joking because they never could with yesteryears technologies).

Do you know if using R12 in the older cars is even legal anymore?
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