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Chris, you're lucky to be alive. In retrospect, we call those 'battle scars'. Some suffer more than others and I guess if you come out unscathed with all your digits and limbs, it's only by the Grace of God.

In the Stamping Plant, it was common to see people reporting for work with fingers missing, or a guy carrying his lunch bucket under half an arm. Ford gave them a job for life, regardless of who was at fault.

I remember 'lunchtime' in the iron foundry... one line worker was sleeping on the 'return side' of a conveyor belt as it slung underneath. Makes my skin crawl just thinking of it. He never was injured, though.

When people see cars they never know any of the back-stories.

BTW, the steel you made is what we call 'aircraft tubing' and it is one of the few steels the US military approves for manufacturing M16 guns.

I have limited induction heating experience aside from case hardening camshaft lobes. In Manufacturing Development, I used a very old 15K~ motor/generator that screamed. I made a ring of copper tubing that surrounded a slowly rotating camshaft on a vertical axis. I drilled holes in the coil of copper so it would cool the cam lobes (and the coils) as they heated.

It was fascinating to watch the lobes turn cherry-red with nothing touching them but a spray of water, then index to the next lobe.
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