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When molten iron is poured onto water the whole thing explodes with a violence that literally rocks the earth as pieces are rocketed everywhere. If a small piece hits someone it will knock them down and then burn them up.
It is unbelievable how much force a bit of water has under molten iron. My very first butt chewing was because of this after being transferred to the foundry to drive a fork truck. One of our jobs was to coat pig molds with a muddy slurry (burlite or something like that) for our iron pourers to scrape the slag off the ladles or empty their ladles into at the end of the pouring line. I set some wet pig molds in place and fortunately the iron pourers caught it and I was soon chewed out! Once they realized I was just transferred into the dept and did not have any safety indoctrination for the pouring area, everything changed, but I certainly never did that again.

All this old foundry talk brings back memories for me too and makes me appreciate all over again getting an apprenticeship in their Pattern Shop.
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