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Originally Posted by HighwayThunder View Post
Anybody have experience with this? No apparent obstructions. The front of the hood fits flush.

I've even re-drilled the holes higher on the hinges so that they'd fit lower on the mounting surface.

After closing, the hood can be pushed down closer to flush with the fender (though not completely).

Something to do with the springs? Even though they look identical/symmetrical, is it possible to install them upside down or backwards?

Had this problem once with a friends car . You could try this .
Loosen the three bolts holding the hinges slightly so the hinge can move with some force . Then close the lid, not all the way, and force down in the back corners against the resistance . this will allow the hinges to roll back slightly that will lower the hood . Carefull so the back lip does not interfere . ( you may have to move the hood ahead on the upper side of the hinges later ) . Now if the hood stays down here you want it , open the hood gently so as not to move the hinges back to where they came from and tighten the three hinge bolts to body . Hope this helps .

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