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Thx Tom!
It has a gasket that is in great shape, and it has the full cover top with the tiny hole for a vent. It's pretty much brand new. But i noticed a clear silicon like sealer on it so I wasn't sure if I could just put it back on, or if I need to clean the old sealer off the metal and bolt it back on as is.

Another quick question if anyone knows; I need to find out what kind of mount the transmission can use to work with my 59 T-bird. The car had an automatic. The toploader I'm installing lines up perfectly with the existing mount and drive shaft, but it's the wrong type of mount. The 4 speed is out of a 69 Fairlane 428 which was different. I can't find any data or info anywhere on line so far. Anyone know of any resource for this?

thx again, Dave J
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