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Default 1959 nieman marcus tbird

Hi Bill, I have been in contact with the one person at N-M who knows the history of the Christmas catalog and has much to do with it. She has been with the company for going on 20 years and knows the contents of what have been offered in it inside out. She tells me that she only knows of two times when Tbirds have been offered for sale by their company. In 1970 in the Christmas catalog for the two His & Hers 1971 Tbirds, and in 2001 when they ran that special in that years catalog for the 200 Retrobirds. She is going to do some research back around 1958-1960 to see if there might have been one or more 1959 Tbirds offered for sale that they have forgotten about. It is possible that there might have been a special promotion in 1958 for the 1959 Tbird(s), but she has never seen anything about it. But she will look and let me know.

We also discussed whether or not Stanley Marcus might have owned a 1959 Tbird, or if the company bought one for his use. Or if one of the other company executives might have owned one. She tells me that there is no way she knows of to find that out. Stanley passed away some years ago and the family that founded the company are all gone. That might be another reason why that title came up as a N-M Edition, but we might never be able to find the proof of that. The factory records for the Squarebirds were destroyed years ago from what I understand.

As for finding your ROT Sheet or Build Sheet as it is also known as, besides being put in the rear seat springs, or back rest, they were also known to have been put in the front seat springs, in the center console, in the glove box, under the dash. They were made from very flimsy paper and after some 50 years, many of them have disentegrated. But if you can find yours, it is an important piece of paper because it tells you what all they put on that Tbird when they made it.

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