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Default 430/462 Engine Performance Rebuild

Trying to decide what to do with a MEL engine? Having just finished a performance build on a 1967 462, I can report that it is certainly harder than swapping in an FE, but not impossible. Using the stock crank, block & heads, with a mild roller cam, my builder and I achieved 600ftlbs of torque and 500hp at very low RPM levels (below 5300rpm). The stock crank was offset ground to BBC rod journal size, which strokes the crank about an eight of an inch-the engine displaces 510CI. Scat 6.7" BBC rods were used with custom Arias pistons...that is the key. Compression ratio is 10:1 or so. Heads were ported by Michael Slover at Slover Porting in California, who also makes some speed equipment for the MEL. He provided aluminum manifold spacer blocks so I can use any BBF (429/460) intake manifold...I happened to use an old Offy tunnel ram. Engine had a single 750 Holley double pumper carb for the dyno work, I am switching to EFI for the final installation into a 55 Bird. The hardest thing to provide for a MEL engine is a can buy new but they are expensive. Hard to put a manual trans behind a MEL, but I have cobbled up a setup that includes a Ford Toploader 4 speed. There is plenty more in this engine...600HP with 600+ftlbs is certainly possible with a different cam and higher RPM, but does anyone really need that in a 2500lb car? Happy Tbirding!
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