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I've gone through about 30 cars in the last 10 years or so, ranging from several Mustangs (still have a '01 supercharged, convertible 5 speed, built the engine and trany on it, with 55K original miles) to a sandrail and a dune buggy (still have it) to an early Bronco, '71 (still have and love it).

But this '60 T-bird, which is full of rust, with faded paint and VERY FAR from "clean" attracts more attention than any other vehicle I've had. I can't leave the gas station without someone coming over to talk to me about it. So many people can relate to this car at some level, everyone has a story about it, had a guy followed me home just so he could check out the car. Turned out to be a great guy.

Can anyone else relate to this?
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