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Default Starting Question

So I've run into a starting issue with my 63. I've had issues where I don't drive it for awhile and the battery will die. Or die just enough so it won't turn over. I've bought a maintainer now so I won't have that issue in the future.

What I have now is, I charged the battery completely and fired it up the other day with no issues. Went and got a pizza and when I went to leave she didn't want to crank. On one crank cycle a small puff of smoke came out from under the hood right about where the starter relay is. I had replaced the relay about a month ago because I felt like it was failing. Even with a full battery the cranks were a little slow. Now she won't turn over at all. Could I have fried the relay? I've seen videos on how to test the relay now but just haven't had a chance to do it with Hurricane Irma bearing down on me. Wanted a Forum opinion too.
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