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Believer? The first time it happens on your engine you WILL turn into a believer. The last set of FE heads I pulled off, I donated to my local sheeny-man. There wasn't anything about them that was worth salvaging. It was worth far more to me, to help the guy make a couple bucks in scrap iron. (I also gave him a set of leaf and coil springs I replaced.)

The last 351W cam I pulled had lobes like this:

Witness marks show, the lifters were not riding on the lobe centers any longer because the faces were 'dished-out'.

Believer? You betcha. This engine is from a 1970 LTD from Texas that was pulled at 70,000 miles but does it matter? The cam should have lasted two or three times longer. Cams should always outlast rings even though they don't get a steady bath of oil. The load on any cam is the same (spring pressure) whether the engine is under load or not.

Bottom line: Use oil that protects against wear. This engine was designed to run on oil that was API-MS designation, high in ZDDP, according to the Owner's Manual. It did alright in the 1970's and '80's, but not so well after that. - Dave
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