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That brings up another question regarding engine noise. I don't have a problem, but my 352 chugging along reminds me somewhat of the boats African Queen or Orca. Like driving in one of those Ford vans that take you from the airport to your hotel. The exhaust sounds great and the engine runs great. There's no abnormal lifter or rocker noises. Everything checks out as it was rebuilt at 72K, and it's now at 81K. Back in the day, I just don't recall my brothers 1964 390 sounding so...dated. There's definitely that distinctive difference between riding in a 1958 Ford vs a 1958 Chevy. Could it be noise from the draft tube? Just recently another "funny thing" happened when I put 10W-30 synthetic in for the last oil change. The engine got quieter instead of louder. I know this is subjective stuff, but it is it me or Memorex?
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