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I agree with Steve (Yadkin). I had a headliner made for my Tbird and although it was about $10 more than the one I ordered (minus shipping) the quality was great and it matched the original much better. So if you include shipping the local shop was about $10 less (I installed it myself). Wound up giving the vendors headliner away. Was way too white compared to OEM. Couldn't send it back because it had been over a year since I bought it - project took a lot longer than expected.

Just recently had a set of seat covers made for a small 2-seater at another shop. They were $40 more than what could be ordered from a vendor but mine are custom materials that I picked out at a local upholstery shop. I bought the foam for the seats there too and cut it with an electric knife. I'll admit though - those seat foams for the little 2-seater are a whole lot simpler than the rear seat on the Tbird.
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