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Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Got the car good enough in order to give it a spin and see if the winters effort was worth the time spended.
It was! The rear suspension works GREAT. No more stiff feeling over speedbumps, no knirks, squeeze or klonks.... Now that was a big, not to say hughe relief.
Engine starts and runs great, idle seems just perfect, tranny shifts supersmooth and she donīt leak from the engine, tranny and the rear axle.
But the brakes SUCKS!
Need heavy adjustment.
Love my new Coker tires as well. Chrome is back, but as you see, not yet put on. Hood will come on now as everything in the engine bay seems to be in order.
Edit: I have brakes now Very good ones as a matter of fact

After buying a "Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit" I changed all the parts in the brake master cylinder, mounted it back, the pedal kind of felt strange. Didnīt want to move more than half the distance. To fast forward a few days, after taking everything apart without see any problems, I suddenly discovered that the hole in the "piston" in the master cylinder rebuilt kit was by some very strange reason just to small for the pistin rod. So it all got stucked. Now, I drilled up the hole in my lathe and put it together, adjusted the rod and, voila!, I got brakes. Good ones as well.
Iīm quite a happy man
..."Lil darling Ruth"

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