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Default RE: Dang it, I hate working this hard! There appear to

>There are various flavors! It appears that 58-60 Lincoln and
>Merc used one style, 59/60 Tbird and some 58 Mercs used
>another. The part numbers seem to be:
>B7A-9328-A Valve (vacuum pump check) 1958 Lincoln Mercury
>B9S-9328-A Valve (vacuum pump check) 1959/1960 Lincoln
>Mercury Thunderbird
>EDG-17536-C Tube Windshield Wiper Tube (on motor) 58 Mercury
>383 w/std trans 59/60 Thunderbird
>EDG-16978-A Tube Windshield Wiper Hose tube and clip assy
>24" long 58/59 Mercury auto trans exc 2 door and 4 door
>sedan 58/59/60 Lincoln
>372268-S elbow 58/59 Mercury exc 2 door and 4 door sedan
>58/59/60 Lincoln.



Below is some information I offered earlier from the 60/64 FORD MPC;

"I was just going through the 60/64 FORD MPC and something caught my eye that may interest you. I stumbled across the information for the intake manifold source of vacuum, Basic PN 17536. There was a line available for service;

17536 Tube (Vacuum To Windshield Wiper Motor Hose)

60S (BIRD) (8cyl. 430) 6.23" long- 1/4" tubing * (no PN-denotes no longer serviced) cut from 91A 2269 (which is bulk brake line tubing)

60S (430 engine) Elbow (tube to intake manifold) - 90 degree angle-


60S (430 engine) Nut 7/16"- 24 (1/4" inverted flared)


The B7A 9328-A Check Valve was inline and had to be used with the base 312 if it is showing in the LINC-MERC MPC (have no idea why it is listed under LINC also).

B9S 9328-A had to be dedicated MEL useage, most likely a supersceded PN from 1958 (IMO) (I cannot vision the changing of the valve design-just positioning).

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