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Originally Posted by YellowRose View Post
Art ~ ARTBIRD has just joined the Forum, after he and I have been communicating back and forth in email recently! He owns a beautiful Brandywine Red/White top '59 Squarebird with black and white interior that is pretty much as it left the factory so many years ago. Art hails from Eastern Canada and has attended the Detriot Woodward Dream Cruise every year. So, Dave, you might have seen his gorgeous Squarebird and he your Fords there in the cruise! Now he knows to look for you in this years upcoming event! He said he makes that five hour cruise the last five years. His Tbird has won a good number of trophies at S&S events in his neck of the woods. Here are a few pix he has sent me for you to enjoy.

BTW, the one thing he does not have, and is looking for is the OEM air cleaner. So Carl Heller ~ partsetal, if you have one in stock you might let him know. Or Art, you can send Carl a Private Message. Carl has nothing but used Squarebirds parts from his parts cars and markets them all across the world. Here are those pix! Enjoy!
Ray: If Carl does not have one, tell him there is one in Canada on Kigigi, in Alberta for $ 75.00 . Add # 1228078326 . Already painted the correct colour from the looks of the add.
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