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Default 352 FE Engine Woes

My normal mechanic said he could take my 352 FE which was in pieces (the way I bought it) and put it together and get it running.

A week later, I get a call in broken english saying engine does not hold oil pressure in top..he says it needs to be vatted and cleaned out and wants to charge an additional 12 hundred.

I had been told by previous owner that the 'engine was cleaned and remachined yada yada ya..but I guess thats not the case. My point to this sad story is A) Don't you guys think my mechanic should have looked or blown out the shortblock before assembling and B) reccomendations on where I can take the engine in N Texas to get it working.

I have a deal on a 390 moon eyes built engine and transmission for 15 hundred I am thinking about installing.

Thoughts? Thanks
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