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Default What I Got From Santa For Christmas!

Here is a follow up on what happened AFTER I "stole" that 1960 Red Squarebird Convertible clock at our Christmas party last month! I was the second one to "steal" it from someone else, and by our rules, once stolen twice, it cannot be stolen again. So I knew I was coming home with it with a new owner in mind! It had been donated by one of our members who does not own a red Squarebird Convertible, and no one in our club owns one of that color.

The couple on our Forum who came to mind that owns a Red Squarebird Convertible that they and their two girls so dearly love, are Marshall & Rosi ~ marsh-rosi! So I knew that clock would go to them. Actually, it is Rosi's and the girls Tbird.

There were two Tbird clocks as gifts this year, and one was a more modern one, and the other was that '60 red Tbird Convertible clock. I brought it home, checked out, found that it was working, and after New Years, took it to FedEx to get it packed for shipping by a good friend mine who really knows her packing. I shipped it Priority Mail to them and, they got it tonight! They unwrapped it, tried it out, and found it is working still, and are tickled to death to have it.

Then, while researching the guy who made these, I found his phone number and called him. I asked him if he had any more of these, and he was shocked that I had the red Squarebird clock! He said, "Lord no! I quit making those about 30-35 years ago because it got to expensive to buy that clear coating in bulk". He said he found several of them recently that he did not know he had, some other older classic cars and trucks and two Tbirds, the '56, (which he did not know it was a '56, but I did when I saw the rear end!) and a red and white '57 Babybird. Now one of our STTC club members and Forum member, happens to own that very car, the one that Gary & Carolyn bought through the VTCI Wichita Tbird club a couple of years or so ago, thanks to me! I had found it, thanks to Rod Wake, VTCI President and Wichita club member. So I called Carolyn and told her that I had found their Tbird on a clock and did she think that Gary would want it? I told her the price, which was a steal, and she said to the effect, "Oh Lordy, Yes! Send me that link and I will order it before it gets away, for him for Christmas!" So she did and surprised him with it. It is hanging on the wall in his man cave where his real '57 hangs out.

After I posted the information below about the green '56 Babybird clock that was still available, I figured one of our Forum members would snag it, but I did not know of anyone on the Forum who owned one that color. But now, after several weeks it was still there. So I told VTCI Pres. Rod Wake about it and caught him about to go out the door. I told him what I had found and the cost (cheap!) and he said to the effect, "Grab that for me because THAT is the color of my '56 Babybird!" So I went to the website quickly and bought it with directions to mail it directly to Rod. He, like Marshall & Rosi, got his tonight also and he is thrilled!

Soooo, all because someone in our club decided to donate a 1960 Red Convertible Squarebird clock, and no one in our club owns one of that color I was able to make this all happen! I was fortunate enough to "steal" it at the right time. Now Marshall & Rosi in Montana has their Tbird clock, Gary & Carolyn Faught here, has theirs and Rod has his matching clock!

Rod sent me a picture of his '56 Babybird in that Green color and here it is.
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