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Pretty sure you are right. I have seen different set-ups with dealer or aftermarket air but the factory config was 2 belts to the wp and gen then another single belt off the crank to the ps pump (but not to the wp). Then AC driven off the wp pulley (I have the factory correct ac wp pulley on there).

This set-up looked like it would work and the numbers were right on belt speed - so I went with it. I have the correct ac crank pulley with the additional grove for the ps pump but didn't install it because it would have meant moving the ps pump to the outside of the AC bracket using spacers (more work). Plus installing the 2 grove pulley on my generator. Ah well - I learn from my mistakes (so I must be a genius by now ).

Was trying to wait and do the dual gen belt when I converted to an Alt. and move the PS pump belt at that time - guess I'll be dong it sooner than later.

Thanks for the response!


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