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Default Steel wheels for my 60 Bird.

Thanks for the replies to this question, now well answered, looking at the various responses, i can now proceed in my quest.

Dealing with the issue of replacement with new, if i could find genuine nos items, that would be fine, but i suspect that all new items available from the better know suppliers would be pattern items made outside of the USA, economies i avoid supporting if i can.

New pattern items are approx $120 a piece, plus $100 postage and packing, plus import duty and tax here in the UK, x 5 = approx $1.250 for a set of steel wheels, pricey for something hidden behind a set of wheel covers.

Now we have established what the wheels should look like, ie non vented, i will continue to find a set of used rims, the people in Nebraska, Kosiski Autos, who as previously stated have already sent me items, have a set of rims from a 59 car they are parting out, they will use a wheel balancing machine to check that they run true before shipping, so pretty good there.

The other option is to take up the offer of a fellow Forum member who has a set of rims, if they are ok with the arse ache of packaging and posting this type of item,then that is fine, yet to be contacted, next job.

The reason this issue has arisen is due to a cheap ebay purchase, here in the UK, of a car that looks as if someone had made an attempt of restoration in the USA, it had been partially stripped, painted, new bumpers, (poorly chromed) and never completely reassembled, abandoned for some years, sold and shipped here, someone in So Cal still has several boxes of bits for this car.

The car arrived her in the UK with an odd mixture of wheels and covers, 3x15" steel wheels, 1x16" 5 spoke, 1x 14" vented steel wheel as a spare, presumed early sixties, all not correct, hence my quest.

However i have now acquired all the missing bits, from allover Canada and the USA, including at great expense, in my view, a good original set of the right type and colour interior trim.

So progress is slow but steady, wheels and tyres (tires) next, then onto the brakes, linings are all ok but cylinders are shot, it does not have power brakes or steering, next jobs.

Why am i bothering? because this is an unbelievably rust free car, has never been welded, and does not need welding, a very different story to some of the cars i have read about on this Forum, even my other car, a 60 convertible, that i purchased in 1973, now needs some major restoration, relating to the dreaded rust, anyway that is enough from me.
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