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Originally Posted by SandyBoy View Post
'Ya, I sae that on the 2009 Lincoln MK-S. That has it. What car do you have ? Volvo? I love the S80 Premier Elite. Neat car. In America it's sorely overlooked. I'd buy it !!! But my peers only want BMW AUDI or M-Benz.
I would buy Volvo / Saab 9.5 Aero before audi, MB or BMW/

I do not like being a sheep
S80 D5 ( Turbo diesel )"Summum".
Summum means maximum attack on options....
Like bending lights. Follows the steering wheel. Does Lincoln have that too?
But I have it as a companycar, and change every 2:nd year. Not sure what it will be this summer, when itīs time to change again.
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