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Originally Posted by jopizz View Post
The engine itself is the same. The intake manifold is slightly different in that the carburetor base plate has coolant running through it. It also has a pcv type system instead of the road draft tube. It will work fine if you want to leave it that way. The only other issue you may have is the exhaust manifolds. They are different. You may have to reuse the 352 manifolds. As for the transmission the '64 has a vacuum modulator so you will have to run vacuum to it. Other than that they are the same. The '64 engine has an alternator instead of a generator so you will have to do some wiring if you are going to keep it which I recommend.

Your reply has me curious, I have a '60 with a 390. I don't know it's vintage. I currently have a generator, but the mounting bolt on the block, near the head is on the side, which I was led to believe is a later, alternator style block.
I do not have coolant through the carb mounting plate. I just replaced the plate with a plastic one. Does this mean the intake is maybe from the 352?

Also, I have a COM, which I assumed was the original trany, but I do have a vacuum modulator. Does this mean I have a later trany as well.

You may need new engine mounts as well. It is my understanding that the mounts you get will depend on the type of transmission you have. I maybe wrong, someone please correct me.
These are the mounts I have with a 390 and a Cruise-O-Matic.


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