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If that's your first attempt, you're going to be awesome in no time.

Watch this YouTube video. Don't worry about the outside grooves. It's what's inside that counts. Each tool is a little bit different and you are learning yours. I see you're using conifer tubing. It's softer than steel line. Using the same tool on steel, the grooves will not dig in and the tubing will slide down. Very frustrating. Cunifer makes Harbor Freight tools look good because they work.

It's important to cut the end square or your flare will look lopsided.
After cutting the end square, take a drill bit that fits the inside of your tube and de-bur the opening. Don't let chips get inside.

Now you have an end that is square and straight. If it isn't, use a file to make it so.

Slide the nut on, carefully place the tube in your flaring vise and MEASURE before cranking the wing nuts down. Too much sticking out will cause an inverted flare that won't fit in the female end. Too little sticking out will make a scant double flare that might leak.

I find, on my flaring set, if I bring the tube up to the first notch on the 'bubble hat', the flare has too much metal. So I back it off a little, make the bubble, then finish it off without the hat. Make sure your tool is centered on the tube before cranking down, especially when using the 'bubble hat'.

You're doing great. Now, make more flares and play with your settings. In no time all your flares will be perfect. - Dave
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