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Default RE: 1959 or 1960 Thunderbird radio wanted

I am parting out a 1958 Hardtop that is in really great shape. I almost feel guilty taking it apart. The previous owner had started a partial dissambly and restoration. I also have a 1959 Hardtop that I am parceling out, it is in OK shape but would be a big project to restore. The '59 has all mechanical components still intact but the body and interior are rough, it was driven on a 600 trip just prior to being parked. I also have a 1975 Big Bird that I have not started on yet but it is also going to be sold as parts. The 1975 is a mystery, I know no history on the car but hope to put the 460 and tranny into my '60 Hardtop which currently has a 1962 390 in it. Let me know what you need, I am listing some parts on Ebay but generally only pulling parts as I get requests. Reach me at, I don't always check the forums but answer my Email daily. Steve :+
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