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Jim, vacuum line is readily available in auto parts stores, everywhere. If you car's vac lines are hard and brittle, by all means change them. Bring a piece in to the store and tell them how many feet you need.

Auto parts stores also have the little tees for windshield washer lines and vacuum lines. Over the years, polymers tend to bake out of the plastic, then they break all by themselves. Replace with nylon when possible.

A broken vacuum line (anywhere) will cause your engine to run too lean, so fix the problem at your earliest convenience. If you cannot find the leak, start at the intake manifold, plug the vacuum hose with a bolt, and continue downstream until you get to the problem.

One of the 'trickiest' leaks to find is in power brake boosters. When they 'let go', it's usually a large vacuum leak. Good luck. - Dave
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