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Question Generator light on all the time turn! I was out driving this morning when the light came on and, except for a few minutes, has stayed on since then.

I put the multimeter on the battery with the car running and there is about 12.4 Volts across it, does not vary.

I changed Voltage Regulator for the heck of it (I have an NOS one as a spare) and nothing changed but I got to clean all the connections at that end.

So with the car running I took the voltage between the Field post on the Voltage Regulator (the middle one) and ground and only got about .8 volts, which increases to about 2 volts if the engine is revved up.

I then took the voltage between the Arm post on the Voltage Regulator and ground and got no more than 4 volts by revving it up. ( I have an earlier post with values I got a couple of weeks ago when it was running correctly).

For anyone who knows generator systems well,

a) is there anything here that jumps out at you as the cause of the problem? (open field? ...)

b) is there any other test I should perform before I haul it out and off to the shop??

58 Hardtop
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