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Thanks for the steps!! I have printed them up and stashed them in the Shop Manual when/if I have to install one. I don't really recall what went wrong but every move I tried resulted in something rotating on me and not working.

If anyone should need it, somewhere on this site, Alexander has instructions for polarizing a generator.

I'm glad you guys had good success! I have a personal philosophy that finding quality, old school shops that focus on one area (electrics, cooling, trannys and so on) and making proper use of them is part of the old car hobby. I would rather get an existing item overhauled, tested and backed up than buy something from a stranger sitting at a computer through the mail. This doesn't always work but mostly does. It also provides a resource to make a phone call to now and then in a pinch. I live in the Northeast (MA) and in the old cities are usually such shops on back streets in old brick buildings. No web sites. When I wanted to get my starter motor checked out a couple winters ago, I walked into one and a 30 year old clerk looked up at me "Ford starter? late 50s?" and I knew I was in the right place.

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