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Thumbs up Generator Installation

My rebuilt Generator and new voltage regulator came back from the shop today. The generator took about 30 min. to install and the regulator about 15 min. Installing the generator was very easy (with just two hands) using the two little 1/4" by 2" bolts that I used to take it out.

Here's what I did to install it:

1. Disconect the Positive lead on the battery.

2. Jack the car up, and use jack stands

3. Put the generator in a small cardboard box that you can slide under the car to your left side.

4. Take both of the safety pins and hold them in your mouth during the next step.

5. Generator goes in with the mounting ears up, and then rotated counter-clockwise, so that the mounting lugs are on the outside of the bracket.

5. While holding the generator against the mounting bracket, slide one of the safety pins into the bolt hole. Do the same with the other pin. The generator is secure now.

6. Remove one of the safety pins and replace it with the mounting bolt and nut. Do the same with the other pin. Using 11/16 and 5/8 box wrenches snug the two bolts and nuts that hold the generator to the bracket.

7. Swing the Generator up about 1 inch, and slide the fan belt(s) onto the pulley.

8. Insert the belt tension bolt, put tension on the belt, and tighten the bolt. (This was the hardest part of the job)

9. Tighten the two generator bolts to the bracket.

10. Using two 3/8 small ignition wrenches, install the three generator wires. IMPORTANT: Dont' mix the Ground wire with the Field wire next to it.

The generator works great. I have absolutely NO light at low RPM, in drive, with lights on. Voltage from the generator to the regulator at the Armature (ARM) terminal is 14 Volts. I think that having the regulator adjusted to the generator is a big plus in how the generator operates.

Thanks for everyone's help and advice in getting this done.
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