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Thanks again Dave. I have read a few (nightmare) stories about these intake manifolds. Your instructions and suggestions about the guide bolts sound like a great way to help make this easier. Would have never came up with that in my entire lifetime!

The reason I wanted clarification on the coolant passages on the heads to block assembly was because I had read they can be troublesome for leaks into the cylinders. I will take your tried and tested advice and follow them to the letter. It's a great relief to be following instructions from someone who has done this many times and is willing to give his advise as to what works best from his experiences.

I'll be super patient and take my time - if it doesn't go right then I'll take it off again and do it over. Don't want to get it all together and THEN realize I have to tear it down again.

Appreciate your help. many thx!

Dave J
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