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Default Another question on my 390 build

Me again,
When it comes to re-installing the heads I've found a few pointers and need a little clarification..
One is to use the copper gasket spray on the head gasket - I have that.
Another is to use "Thread-eze" (I think that's what it's called) on the threads of the bolts so they torque accurately.
Another is to use RTV blue on the bolts that are near water jackets?
My question would be, how do I use both the "thread-eze" and the RTV blue? Can you guys set me straight here.

I was planning on using the torque specs for a 352 out of my 1959 T-bird shop manual. Those should be the same for a 352 or 390 with stock parts shouldn't they?
I am also using the recommended 3 stage torque sequence from my "How to build max performance FE engines" book.

As for the heads themselves; They were rebuilt and stored a few years ago. They are clean and dry other than a little white grease on some of the valve stem guides. Do I need to prepare (oil or lube) any of the moving pieces before installing them?
My gasket kit came with rubber boots that look like they might go in somewhere, but I have never seen them on heads or rockers before.
Any and all advice would be great!

thx, Dave J
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